Simulated Lab Animal Tissues for Research Training
Lab Research Training Solutions for Lab Animal Researchers


Ideal training platform for research staff:

  • Graduate and undergraduate students
  • PhD scientists
  • Technical staff - Non-doctoral degree personnel (i.e., RVTs & others)
  • Others without experience using laboratory animals for surgical research

Supports good surgical/clinical technique[1]

  • Asepsis
  • Gentle tissue handling
  • Minimal dissection of tissue
  • Appropriate use of instruments
  • Use of suture materials and patterns or other wound closure techniques that minimize trauma and remain intact.

Designed by experienced veterinarians and veterinary surgeons using innovative technologies, SurgiReal’s lab animal training solutions are engineered to provide the most anatomically correct and realistic suture training experience available.

SurgiReal’s Lab Animal Research training solutions deliver excellence in surgical and clinical technique training. Designed to be the most comprehensive and realistic training solutions available today, each product in our line is designed to advance a specific set of educational goals. 

Only SurgiReal simulated tissue products incorporate innovative, patented technology:

Patent No. 8,613,621


Anatomically correct and realistic simulated tissues improve student’s education outcomes and level of preparedness. SurgiReal incorporates RealLayer Technology into its Lab Animal Research solutions to accurately replicate the anatomical layering, textures and relative strengths of body wall tissues of the most common lab animals, specifically mice, rats and rabbits.

[1] Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals prepared by the Institute for Laboratory Animal Research, National Academy of Sciences, p. 115.