About Us

SurgiReal Products offers "life-like" surgical training technology to veterinary, medical, and nursing school students. SurgiReal Products are also available to EMT students and for trauma response training for military medical personnel. Surgical skills simulators are available for comprehensive training and improved surgical outcomes. The realism of the SurgiReal technology reduces the need for live animal procedures. These simulators provide the most realistic training currently available.

Surgical training occurs in all of the medical, veterinary and nursing schools as well as in veterinary and medical practices throughout the world. SurgiReal's initial products, including multilayer suture pads with or without functioning “blood vessels”, have been used by veterinary, medical and nursing schools throughout the United States. Additional, more complex prototypes have been completed, and are currently waiting further manufacturing opportunities. Further markets include Department of Defense medical training, first responder medical training, and continuing education of physicians, veterinarians and nurses.