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SurgiReal is excited to announce the availability of a the Tensioning Base for all of our 8.5x11.5 cm simulated tissue products.  

After a simulated tissue product is placed and secured in the Tensioning Base, it causes the tissue to conform to its radius to create a life-like surface tension on the simulated tissue.  

  • When cut with a scalpel, the tissue "opens up" in a realistic manner.  
  • This separation makes it much easier for students to gain access to the lower muscle/fascia margin to place deeper sutures.
  • Can be used with the following SurgiReal 8.5x11.5 cm simulated tissue products (sold separately):
    • Translucent Suture Pad (0100)
    • 3-Layer RealLayer Simulated Tissue Pad - Dark or Light Skin (0150 or 0150L)
    • 5-Layer RealLayer Simulated Tissue Pad - Dark or Light Skin (0200 or 0200L)
    • Lab Animal Simulated Tissue Products (Rat/Mouse and Rabbit)
  • Manufactured of durable plastic
  • Bottom surface is fabricated with a tacky rubber formulation to help secure the Tensioning Base to the work surface and keep it from sliding.

Volume purchase discount: Buy 50 or more, get 10% more free.

Simulated Tissue Products are sold separately.


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