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This upgraded design provides:

1. Full extended leg.  This provides the student with a more realistic experience with better control of the leg and the opportunity to simulate tourniquet placement.

2. Improved vascular design. The same realistic feel and tactile sensitivity for the simulated cephalic vein segment, but now with design upgrades to the other fluid lines and connectors to enhance durability and ease of preventative maintenance (replacing vein segment).

3. Re-formulated and upgraded skin materials to increase durability and length of useful life.

Designed by veterinary educators using innovative technologies, SurgiReal vascular access products are engineered to provide students the most anatomically correct and realistic simulated venipuncture and vascular access training experience available.

SurgiReal vascular access products deliver excellence in veterinary training. They are designed to be the most realistic, easy to maintain and affordable venipuncture training platforms available today. The Canine Leg Vascular Access Simulator, with a realistic cephalic vein, is designed to advance a specific set of venipuncture and vascular access educational goals:

  1. Blood collection (watch video)
  2. Catheter insertion (22 gauge or smaller)  (watch video)
    • IV catheter
    • Butterfly catheter

Repetitive use of this product will help students develop the skills and confidence necessary for vascular access before their first live animal experience. 

Access to online instructional videos pertaining to the use of this model are included at no extra charge.


  1. Canine Leg Model
  2. Skin & Vein Segments
  3. IV Bag with Blood Powder
  4. Instruction Sheet 
Design Elements Value Drivers        
1. Fidelity, which includes structural landmarks and flashback response Maximizes educational value without the use of live animals
2. Artificial blood & bleeding simulates real blood and venous blood pressure.  Blood powder is conveniently supplied with IV bag. Provides students with a comprehensive vascular access training platform that is very effective, easy to set-up and maintain.
3. Cephalic vein is softer and more pliable than latex tubing and closely replicates the characteristics of a real cephalic vein. Enhanced educational value and student preparation in venipuncture procedures.
4. Enhanced stability Designed to eliminate the need to have 2 students for practicing vascular access techniques.  The product's stability allows an individual student to practice.
5. “Hair-free” design Practical, efficient and washable
6. High quality silicone skin and vein segments Durability keeps consumable costs as low as possible.  High quality silicone skin and vein segments are very durable.  It is recommended that the vein segment be replaced at or near 100 needle sticks (22 gauge needle or smaller). 
7. Easily replaceable skin and vein segments  Maintain educational value.  Replacement skin and vein segments have been designed to be very affordable, as well as simple and easy to replace. 
8. Enhanced safety The use of silicone reduces the risk of latex allergy reactions.[1]
9. Fully equipped simulator includes:
  • Canine Leg Model
  • Skin & Vein Segment
  • IV Bag with Blood Powder
Product is ready to go out of the box, just add water to reconstitute the artificial blood. 


[1] Bousquet J, Flahault A, Vandenplas O, et al. Natural rubber latex allergy among health care workers: a systematic review of the evidence. J Allergy Clin Immunol. 2006;118(2):447–454


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