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SurgiReal’s Equine Simulator 1.0 (in black) is the leading and most comprehensive equine simulator available.  It has been designed to advance a comprehensive set of educational goals for the following procedures: 

  1. Intra-muscular Injections
  2. Nasolacrimal Duct Flush
  3. Placement of Subpalpebral Lavage System
  4. Eye Nerve Blocks - Auriculopalpebral Nerve & Supraorbital Nerve
  5. Teeth Nerve Blocks - Mental Nerve, Maxillary Nerve & Infraorbital Nerve
  6. Blood draw from jugular
  7. Jugular catheter insertion
  8. Blood draw from deep facial artery
  9. Blood draw from transverse facial vein
  10. Transverse facial artery catheter insertion

Repetitive use of this product will help students develop the procedural skills and confidence necessary before their first live animal experience. 

Ships with initial supply of artificial blood powder and 1000ml IV bag.

Designed by equine surgeon educators using innovative technologies, SurgiReal's Equine Simulator is engineered to provide the most anatomically correct and realistic simulated equine training experience available. SurgiReal's Equine Simulator delivers excellence in veterinary training.

Volume discounts available for 3 or more units - call 970-818-7071 for details. 

Please note: There is an up to 6 week production backlog on this product.  Please take this into account when you place your order.


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