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In horses, defects in perineal conformation such as abnormal declination of the labia or defects in mucosal apposition of the labia are most often remedied by performing a vulvoplasty; surgery also known as Caslick’s procedure. Occasionally, mares may have no obvious perineal abnormalities, but may have a vulvoplasty performed as a preventative measure. The EVS was designed and developed to help students and professionals to learn and improve their skills performing equine vulvoplasties and foaling monitor placements. The simulator is comprised of a slightly inclined base that can be used on a bench top, and an equine perineal/vulvar simulated skin and subcutaneous tissue that utilizes the proprietary SurgiReal RealLayer™ technology.

Training of both, temporary (staple technique) or permanent (suture technique) vulvoplasty are possible with this simulator. After placement, the sutures and/or staples can be removed and the simulator will be ready for the next trainee. Once the life of the skin has reached its limit (30-40 uses), the simulated perineal skin can simply be replaced.

This products ships with the base and one simulated perineal skin.  Additional simulated perineal skins are sold separately by clicking here.

Cost-saving bulk purchase options are also available.  Please call for 970-818-7060 for details.


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