Simulated Toe with Ingrown Nail, 3-Pack


NEW Version 2!

Simulates Onychocryptosis or "ingrown toenail"

Ideal platform for developing surgical skills in:

  • Placing digital nerve anesthesia and ring blocks
  • Practicing wedge resections or nail avulsion procedures
Enhanced value and utility, as both sides of nail are ingrown and suitable for skill development.

    Packaged in a convenient 3-Pack (6 simulated ingrown nails)

    Design Elements

    Value Drivers

    1. Captured form & landmarks from human toe

    Improved realism

    2. Presents most common form of Onychocryptosis or ingrown toenail

    Prepares students for what they're most likely to see in practice

    3. Simulated bone structure included

    Provides landmarks for nerve blocks

    4. Designed with internal cavities around the digital nerves.

    Minimizes syringe "push back" when placing digital nerve anesthesia and makes the process more realistic.

    5. Nail & nail bed properties are designed to be the most realistic available.

    Provides most realistic simulated platform for wedge resection or nail evulsion procedures.