Small 6-Layer Suture Pad

The 6-Layer Suture Pad is designed to mimic the first 6 layers of the abdominal wall. The layers replicate the Epidermis, Dermis, Subcutaneous, first Fascia layer, Muscle, and second Fascia layer. Each layer is uniquely formulated to replicate its respective real-life tissue layer, making it the most realistic model on the market. With multiple reinforcements included in the pad, there will be minimal-to-no tearing upon suturing. 

Training applications include, but are not limited to: Suturing, ensuring Knot Security, Burying Sutures, Mole Biopsy, Mole Removal, and Skin Reconstruction.



Practice Stitch capacity of up to 1,500 stitches and re-usable up to 10 times

Measurements: 8 x 11cm

Color Options Available (Light and Dark Skin Tone)

Non-toxic, Non-hazardous Silicone

Latex Free


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